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Kris Miller

Position: Family Lawyer

Realizing that few things are more sacred to us than the children we raise and the lives we choose to build with loved ones, Kris takes the practice of family law very seriously.  He recognizes that there is nothing harder than dividing up a family dynamic.  Kris has tried criminal cases to a jury as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, and he continues to litigate multi-million dollar civil insurance cases.  Nonetheless, in his years of practice since becoming an attorney in 2009, despite stigma to the contrary, Kris believes there is no more challenging area of law to practice within.

Bad advice can lead you down a decades long path of ruin, while good advice can turn a devastatingly bad situation into an acceptable one.  Always keeping the big picture in mind, and being goal oriented from the outset of every case, Kris strives to usher his clients through the family law process in a way that honors them every step of the way.  With his years of overlapping, high level, and diverse experiences in the courtroom environment, Kris gives all of his clients an edge that is hard to find elsewhere.

Kris graduated from the University of Lynchburg in 2004 and the McGeorge School of Law in the Winter of 2008. Kris has been licensed to practice since the spring of 2009 and has many years of experience in various areas of law. He is admitted to practice law in all state and federal courts in Colorado. He handles all variety of family law matters, and stand ready to offer consultations where needed. He is a devoted husband, devoted father to three, and an avid supporter of soccer and combat sports. Committed to acts of philanthropy within Colorado Springs, Kris sits as the President for BVBIA – Colorado, an international youth soccer club,  He is also a girls soccer coach at Vista Ridge High School and is a Board Member for Nest Collective, an entity that transforms the living environment for children in need.

Areas of Practice:

  1. Divorce.  We represent, both, people that are filing for divorce or have had divorce filed against them.  It is a misnomer that the law cares about who files first.  Sometimes the timing of filing is important, but the party initiating the filing doesn’t gain an advantage simply by filing first.  There may be circumstances where you want to file sooner rather than later, and there may be circumstances where you need to plan a course of action over time.  Realizing that each client has a very customized set of needs, we accept clients falling into any category.
  2. Allocation of Parental Responsibilities.  In the most raw sense, a divorce is the process of ending a legal relationship with someone, buttressed by Court Orders dictating who gets what, and who pays who.  When a divorce involves spouses with mutual children, any divorce action necessarily includes an allocation of parental responsibilities.  When non-spouses have mutual children and a disagreement arises, they avoid the raw divorce process, but must still endure an action involving the Allocation of Parental Responsibilities.  The Allocation of Parental Responsibilities will dictate parenting time, decision making authority, child support, and many other seemingly small issues that, if neglected, can disrupt the lives of your children in ways that are avoidable.  Again, we represent initiating and non-initiating parties.
  3. Enforcement and Modification.  We strive, in earnest, to get it right the first time and contemplate a plan for the future that allows for flexibility and the avoidance of judicial intervention.  Sometimes, however, there is a change in circumstances that will prompt the need for judicial intervention to enforce or modify previously issued Orders.  We evaluate these types of cases on a case by case basis and will give honest guidance regarding the viability/non-viability of any such actions.
  4. Child Support and Spousal Maintenance.  Child Support and Spousal Maintenance are wrapped up in all the topics referenced above.  Naturally, we handle all varieties of spousal maintenance and/or child support dispute.
  5. Mediation.  With years of experience and a very nuanced understanding of the bench in El Paso, Douglas and Teller Counties, we handle mediations for cases with represented parties, as well as those that are unrepresented.  Mediation is an extremely effective tool in setting you are your loved ones up for success in the years after family upheaval.
  6. Protection Orders and Criminal Defense.  It is unfortunately the case that family law needs are often accompanied by allegations of abuse or concerns over safety.  We believe there is no team more uniquely qualified to handle and advise you on family law cases occurring contemporaneous to criminal and safety issues.  Whether you are being wrongly accused, or are in need of protection, we are here to help.
Location: 12295 Oracle Blvd. Suite 130 Colorado Springs, CO 80921
Email: info@peakpartnersfamily.com
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