Why Do You Need A High-Net-Worth Divorce Attorney?

Why Do You Need A High-Net-Worth Divorce Attorney?

Peak Partners is frequently the choice for high-income earners and high-value asset holders.  Those with a larger marital estate often choose Peak Partners, due to the comprehensive and detail-oriented approach taken by our professionals. 

Simply stated, a high-net-worth divorce are those involving more than one million dollars in net liquid assets.   However, it is most often the case that high-net-worth divorces involve several millions of dollars, many different assets, self-owned businesses, and complex pensions and retirement accounts.

In general, when there is a high value of assets, property, cash, and investments in a divorce case, it is more challenging to reach a comprehensive settlement.  It is true that compromise can be difficult to find when there are considerable assets at stake. The risk/reward analysis can become unwieldy quickly, but the only way to remedy that is through due diligence.  It is vital to secure a reliable value for every asset, no matter how nebulous.

As part of due diligence, Peak Partners brings other professionals into the mix early on to secure proper and reliable valuations to help in the decision-making process.  Peak Partners also combs through the relevant paper trail to ensure that marital value is properly identified as marital.  It is frequently the case that people come into a marriage with substantial separate property.  In those circumstances, it is imperative to have a clear picture of what property stays separate and what property may have been gifted to the marriage.  Such a distinction can result in a swing of apportionment that can amount to millions of dollars.

As such, your lawyer should be a trained negotiator able to work with a network of professionals to assist with:

Tax assessments

Forensic accounting (if there are suspected hidden assets)

Private investigation

Property valuation

Business valuation

Vocational evaluation

Without a comprehensive approach, you may not be able to optimize the divorce settlement outcomes you desire.

If you have high assets and are going through the unfortunate event of a divorce in Colorado Springs, we are here to help you. Contact us today at 719-600-1373.